About Ubuntu Talks

Ubuntu Talks is the only unified language-learning platform to offer the most popular sub-Saharan languages via live virtual instruction. But, we’re more than just a language learning agency. We are a family. We provide African people with opportunities to succeed in their home countries. The African Ubuntu philosophy drives our team. Ubuntu means ‘I am because we are.’

The Language Learning Process

For Ubuntu Talks language learners, success is guaranteed. Experienced and passionate teachers guide our language learners to a functional level of proficiency in a set amount of time. We teach sub-Saharan African languages more easily, quickly, and reliably than anyone else. Our process combines technology and live instruction to engage our language learners. Our blended teaching programs are key to our success. 

Our History and Philosophy

The African diaspora realized there was limited access to learning the languages of their homelands. While other languages enjoy many more speakers, they do not convey the unique cultures and histories of Africa that communicating in a sub-Saharan African language can. These languages deserve representation which is where Ubuntu Talks steps in.

Ubuntu Talks is grounded in the African philosophy of ubuntu which means, "I Am Because We Are.” Ubuntu emphasizes our shared humanity. We recognize and affirm a commitment to improving African social and economic mobility in that spirit. Similarly, we are committed to the global community by offering accessible language-learning resources as a means of connection to Africa. Ubuntu shapes Ubuntu Talks’ existence and its values, setting us apart from other language-learning platforms.

Our Vision

Ubuntu Talks envisions a world where everyone can easily access sub-Saharan African languages.

Our Mission

Ubuntu Talks is committed to improving African people’s economic and social development by mobilizing and promoting the participation of African people in the global language-learning space.


We Support Philanthropy

The complexity of the issues found in sub-Saharan Africa are too big for any one party to tackle alone. Such large-scale problems require unique partnerships, cross-border collaboration, and open innovation across multiple sectors. Ubuntu Talks supports the efforts of the Ubuntu African Institutes,our philanthropic arm.

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