Ubuntu Talks Kids
Summer Camp Program 

Enrollments for Summer 2024 courses will being in March, 2024!

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Unlock the wonders of language and culture with Ubuntu Talks Kids – a vibrant program designed for children aged 5-17. Immerse your child in the richness of African languages through engaging activities, captivating stories, and interactive lessons. From joyful Swahili sing-alongs to exciting Bemba adventures, Ubuntu Talks Kids fosters a love for languages that lasts a lifetime. 


30 Minute Courses


Study Anywhere, Anytime


All Levels
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Reconnecting With Roots & Discovering New Ones

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Hi! I am Lil' Ubuntu. Ever wondered about the vast landscapes and cities of Africa? Or your ancestral villages? Let’s explore together! Join us on a journey of discovery, laughter, and cultural celebration – where every word becomes a step into the colorful tapestry of Africa!

Discover, Learn, Thrive: ubuntu talks Kids African Language Program

Embracing African Languages with Fun and Joy!

Africa speaks in thousands of languages and dialects. Want to chat like a local? Join in!

Discover the Melodies and Stories in Every African Language

Language Classes:

From Swahili to Zulu, Yoruba to Amharic – interactive sessions with fun interactive activities.

Cultural Immersion

Delve into African music, dance, art, and stories. Experience festivals, folklore, much more!

 Literary Exploration

Read and discuss African folktales, contemporary stories, and poetry,  of the continent.

After-School Adventures with Ubuntu Talks Kids

Engaging Activities: Fun-filled and educative after-school activities that foster creativity and curiosity.
African Discovery: For every curious child, experience and learn about African traditions, values, and stories shaping the continent.